Thyolo, 40kms from Blantyre, Blantyre, Malawi
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1, Thyolo, Blantyre, Malawi
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Thyolo, 40kms from Blantyre, Blantyre, Malawi
1, Thyolo, Blantyre, Malawi
Conforzi Tea - Mboma Tea factory

Conforzi Teas are made from well plucked tender shoots to produce: a brisk, stringent, bright golden, yellow cup of tea.
Garden Marks: Conforzi tea is sold under two garden marks namely MBOMA and Glengarry.
The Mboma mark is for the 80 % of the total production. This 80 % is made from the original China seedling and Indian hybrid varieties.
The Glengarry Mark is for the 20 % of various Superior cultivar varieties. This tea is of excellent quality with brisk, astringent colouryliquors.

Macadamia Nuts - MNI Macadamia (EPZ) Company Limited

The business of Macadamia nuts is one of the most buoyant & vibrant and its consumer base is ever growing at a quicker velocity. The king of nuts is now expanding its horizon from a niche market to the general nook & corner of the globe and catering to the taste of a wide variety of class. With the opening up of the economies of the world, Macadamia’s are now flowing freely into different corners of the earth and are being used by many for an array of utility. The king of the nut is now getting more recognition than ever before and is being consumed & used in multiple forms due to its plethora of positive health benefits.

Glenae Poultry

Welcome to the Poultry Division of CONFORZI PLANTATIONS LIMITED, trading as GLENAE POULTRY

Glenae Poultry specializes in farming production and supply to the market of healthy, safe chicken products. These products are fertile hatching eggs, day-old-chicks, live broilers, live Cornish hens, dressed chicken meat, portioned chicken meat and  table eggs. Our customers are everybody (including catering businesses, retail & wholesalers, hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, schools, individual buyers, vendors etc.) as well as neighboring counties.

Chiperoni Blankets

Conforzi also Manufactures Blankets well known in malawi as Chiperoni Blankets named after after chiperoni weather and winds. This is a giant Blanket factory that is capable of producing large quantity of different qualities of Blankets that are distributed across malawi and also exported around the globe. The factory have been manufacturing blankets for over 18 years till now.

Conforzi Plantation is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel under the directors. Apart from the local qualified personnel, its operations are being looked after by six expatriates in their respective fieldsntries.
Conforzi Plantations Ltd
Conforzi Plantations Ltd
Conforzi Plantations Ltd
Conforzi Plantations Ltd
Conforzi Plantations Ltd
Conforzi Plantations Ltd
Conforzi Plantations Ltd
Conforzi Plantations Ltd

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