Afrochoc - The Story

When Laura first arrived in Malawi, she was disappointed at the selection of chocolates available in shops. Knowing that Belgians on average consume about 5 kgs of chocolate a year and Laura and her family probably aren't far off the mark, making some herself seemed like a good idea. When a friend tasted her handmade pralines and truffles, he insisted she should offer them for sale. And so AfroChoc was born.

With a love of local ingredients and a passion for chocolate, a unique variety of flavours were concocted (Have you tried dark chocolate with rosemary yet? It's divine!). AfroChoc started trading in September 2016 and opened a shop in Blantyre in April of this year. You can find them at the Fort, Mandala, behind Jacaranda cultural centre. 

The shop combines AfroChoc's entire line of chocolate products, as well as a range of hand picked gourmet products from all corners of Malawi. 


As for our future we wish to establish ourself as a leading Malawian brand catering to the luxury market. We want to showcase that African made products can be high in quality, innovative and sustainable.

We certainly want to expand our network of retailers in Malawi, but also establish AfroChoc shops in other cities. Hopefully with time we will be able to enter other markets such as Zimbabwe, Zambia even South Africa and the UK.