Blackouts attract social media anger

Malawians have expressed their anger and disappointment on the continued power outages which are affecting businesses and people’s lives.


In the past two years, the country has been subjected to long-hours blackouts which, according to electricity providers, are due to low water levels in the Lake Malawi, which is the main water source for power generation.


The situation has forced Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom)- which is responsible for electricity distribution- to commission load-shedding programmes across the country based on the amount of power it is receiving from Electricity Generation Company (Egenco)- which is responsible for power generation.


Earlier this year government unbundled power generation and distribution to create two institutions, Escom and Egenco.


The unbundling was proposed as a measure to increase efficiency in power generation and create an enabling environment for Independent Power Producers to invest in power generation.


But, as it stands, generation capacity is now down to three quarters of the full-installed capacity at 295 megawatts against 361 megawatts.


Taking it to the social media, most Malawians did not mince words but expressed their discontent with the situation.


The discontented Malawians questioned how Escom has failed to resolve the outstanding blackout issue.


One commentator wrote: “How can Escom have bright ideas when they are in darkness? And thank heaven, Escom doesn’t make our candles.”



another one said: “Escom, I think you are playing games with our minds, mwathimitsa magesti dzulo, ayaka2:22am pano mwathimitsanso 4:23am kuti zikhale bwanji? (There was no power yesterday until 2:22am and at4:23am power is off again).”