Capital Daily Industries In Land Disputes

Capital Daily Industries Limited has defied court order restraining it from operating its milk factory which is said to have been built on an illegal land in Lilongwe.


Department of Environmental Affairs spokesperson, Sangwani Phiri indicated that the office earlier issued an environmental impact assessment (EIA) report on the mater.


“If indeed they are continuing then that is an illegal process. What is in their application is not the structure you see today. We, therefore, ordered them to stop everything,” said Phiri.


Chairperson for Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change Welani Chilenga was equally baffled to learn that the factory is operational and has since pledged to take up the matter with the Department of Environmental Affairs, who he said were supposed to close down the milk factory.


According to him if the EIA report was not issued then what ever activities are taking place at the factory are being done outside the law.


But Capital Daily Industries Limited Managing Director, Mohsin Salim said the factory is not yet operational.


He said: “That’s totally untrue. We are waiting and we are not under investigations.”


Mohsin said he followed all instructions as advised by the council for the construction of the factory.