Chombe Foods Introduces New Products On The Market

Mulli Brothers Limited Holdings (MBL) through its subsidiary, Chombe Foods Limited, has lined up four new products to be introduced on the market soon.


Chombe Foods Limited Sales and Marketing manager, Lazarous Ndakoka told local media that the four new brands will be introduced to substitute some of the country’s imports.


“As a country, we are well known for being a net importer and the products that we will be launching in the next two months will help address import challenges. 


"Currently, we are finalizing all the logistics to have the products on the market and our customers should expect quality goods at an affordable price,” Ndakoka said.


The new products will include Chombe Ketchup and Chombe sugar, which will be packed in small sachets to meet customer demand.


Ndakoka explained that some hospitality units do import small sugar sachets, thereby draining the country’s foreign reserves for products that can be produced locally.


“Our target is not only the upper class. Chombe Foods is for every Jim and Jack, hence the idea to have small sugar sachets similar to those you find in our local market. Our aim is to give Malawians value for their money with good quality products,” he said.


Ndakoka also said the year 2018 is targeted as an export year for the company.


He said in 2017, the company faced a number of challenges that compromised their export efforts.


“We want to export more in 2018 and our main export product is Chombe tea and Chombe rice. The demand for Chombe tea is high in countries such as Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia. 


“Also, as you are aware Malawi rice has a huge market in these countries. As a company we have already done a market survey and we believe we are in the right track by exporting to these countries,” Ndakoka said.