Energem petroleum to extend its business to urban areas


 Targets Northern region and Central region

As the numbers of vehicles entering in to the country continues to increase each and every day, one of the petroleum company in the country, Energem petroleum limited had announced its plans to extend its business to urban areas and some parts of Central and Northern region of Malawi

Energem Managing director Danie Vasloo made the announcements on Thursday during the official opening of one of its business center at Njerwa along Mchinji road in Lilongwe

Vasloo told BizMalawi that his company which has been operating mainly in rural areas and along lakeshores now has plans to extend its business to urban areas as one way of serving Malawians

He said the opening of |Njerwa filings station marks the genesis of the journey that will saw his company opening more of the same like site in several districts from both central and Northern part of Malawi including urban areas

Vasloo disclosed that his company which has fifteen (15) filing station in the country is in process of adding 20 more within the period of six to twelve months

Speaking during the opening of the filing station, second deputy speaker of the Malawi National Assembly, Hon. Dr Clement Chiwaya thanked Energem Petroleum Limited for the development

Dr Chiwaya said the filing station will help government of Malawi as the fuel which will be imported from abroad will ease the fuel scarcity, help government realize a lot of money through tax and other means that will help poor Malawians in the village

He said the filing station is also going to serve people within Njerwa area which is also deemed as industrial area after Kanengo apart from being an important road that connects Malawi to Lusaka in Zambia

Among others the site has Restrooms, Tuck-shop and as one way of celebrating with its customers the prices for fuel has been reduced by 2 kwacha per litre a promotion that runs up to next week according to Vasloo