FDH Bank Drills 200 Agents To Reduce Congestion

FDH Bank has engaged over 200 agents across the country as one way of decentralizing its services.

The agents will help reduce congestion in the banking halls by providing all bill payment services to people in their areas.

FDH’s Head of Personal & Business Banking Kawawa Msapato, told local that they are focusing on creating innovations that cater for all age groups.

“FDH Pakhomo offers all bill payment services found in our banking halls. Through this service, we hope to reduce congestion thereby giving people more time to be productive in other areas,” said Msapato.

He said the new product would demonstrate that banking is not only for the elite or working class but for everyone.

Msapato has since assured people of maximum security measures in order to protect both customers and the agents.

The bank has partnered with E-Kwacha in the project. Apart from making bank payments and withdrawals, customers will also be able to make other payments such as electricity and water bills.