Innovative Youths Awarded By World Bank

The World Bank through Malawi Youth CAN (Tingathe) programme has awarded four innovative youths.

The World Bank has awarded the youths as one way of encouraging young people to be innovative by using their ideas, skills and talents.

The contest attracted 610 entries and there was a rigorous process to evaluate every entry which involved judges from within and outside the World Bank. There was a whole range of ideas but at the end only four emerged winners.

The winners are Hastings Chimala, Roy Makolosi, Tamiwe Katumba and Mervin Kamchacha.

The two top winners will travel to Washington, DC in United States of America on a 10-day trip. They are leaving this Friday and the remaining next two will be on an internship opportunity at the World Bank office in Lilongwe.

World Bank country director Greg Toulmin said the initiative encourages youth to be creative in tackling and coming up with solutions to different society issues in their communities.

“The youth of Malawi represent a significant and growing human resource, with the potential to contribute to sustainable economic development,” Toulmin said. 

Malawi’s National Youth Policy aims to empower its youth and encourage their participation in development processes, as well as to reach their potential.