K40 Billion Financial Agreement Eyes Local Farmers

Almost 3 million farmers will benefit from K40 billion financing agreement government has signed with development partners.

The financing agreement which comes under the second agriculture sector wide approach has been sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Irish Aid, Flanders government, Norway and the European Union.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe has since hailed development partners for supporting local farmers.

Gondwe also warned the controlling officers to desist from misusing the public funds, arguing that it is the same practice which forced government to refund the World Bank huge amounts of money.

Taking his turn, World Bank country manager Greg Toulmin applauded government for the successful execution of ASWAP 1 which helped the government to revive the banana industry

“The first ASWAP registered some significant results. It helped revive the banana industry which was heavily affected by the banana bunchy top disease. It provided drought resistant crops, and a variety of vegetables,” Toulmin said.

The project will also help to improve rural road infrastructure for market access – rehabilitating 1,200 km roads, which is expected to increase the volume of motorized traffic by 50%, and help connect approximately 100 market centers, improving the market access of agricultural products.