K6 million Fake Bank Notes In Circulation In Mzimba

About K6 million in fake bank notes has been noted to be in circulation in Mzimba district, and Police have since warned the public to take extra caution when carrying out business transactions.

Station Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police, Louis Chigadula said the district has been flooded with bogus MK200 bank notes amounting to MK6 million.

“So far, we have successfully recovered MK4.7 million while MK1.3 million is still enjoying circulation,” he said.

He added that police have so far arrested four people found in possession of the fake currency but declined to divulge their identities as investigation were still under way.

According to Chigadula, the fake bank notes are easy to identify because they are lighter and have the same serial numbers.

He further said statements from the arrested suspects indicate that the fake notes have come from Zambia and Tanzania and they bear the following serial numbers: AD0348554, AD0348558 and AB68868224.

Police arrested the four suspects at Jenda and Mbalachanda rural growth centres in Mzimba following tips from bottle store attendants who were suspicious of the suspects’ lavish buying of beers.

Meanwhile, Chigadula has asked shop owners to carefully examine bank notes, especially from customers who suspiciously buy goods in bulks and at one goal.

He assured people in Mzimba that police will provide maximum security during the holidays.

Mzimba Police Publicist Peter Botha said the suspects will answer charges of possession of fake or forged currency, which puts them to the wrong side of Section 356 of the Penal Code of Malawi.

Apart from that, they can also be charged with use of materials resembling bank notes, which violates Section   23 (2) b of the Penal Code of Malawi.