Malswitch Rebrands To NITEL

CEO's Speech




Nitel stands today as the next iteration of a great idea whose journey begun in 2001


- the idea is to operate an innovation-focused entity which will go on to be an agent


for significant technological introductions in Malawi.


We have done that, we are doing this.


We stand today proud of the achievements and impact that we are making.


In numerous ways, it is so much better that we have existed.




Today represents the continuation of an evolutionary process, which will see the


Company go on to do many excitingly better things, building on our excellent track


record for high impact tech solution introductions, our capability to image the world


and the determination we have to succeed.


We are moving on to greater and diverse things.


In addition we aim to maintain many of the amazing products and services platforms


that we have so excellently offered to our customers and through which in turn they


are able to could carry on with their businesses and operations at a level of quality


that assures better efficiency and great experience to their users. But then, of


course, we aim to do this in ever so many better ways in our quest to ensure that our


principal customers and their users get different.


At the core of our Company’s success and reason for existing is innovation.


We apply this culture of innovation to ourselves as much as we apply it to our


product development, product introductions and our marketing effort.


As a tech company, we have to continually re-invent ourselves.




We thus have taken this decision to make wholesale changes to the Company -


from its core business objectives, to its identity and going forward, to our product


roster. Effectively, we have decided to seek to achieve different, do different and get






We have been lucky to attract a good pool of talented individuals and professionals


in our team.


We are further grateful to God that these talented individuals go on to work on more


innovative product development projects and introductions and help project the


company into the future.


Throughout the Company’s existence to the present day, we have attracted to our


Board of Directors accomplished individuals who have helped refine the vision, guide


strategy and our executions.


They have been a great contribution to how we have lived, evolved, succeeded and


how we are impacting.


We are grateful for the host of influencers that have made our journey possible, the


amazing past and present partners and customers that have made our Company


great….. and of course, life needing the balance that is core to the divine design of


the universe, the detractors and doubters without whom our successes and overall


amazing story would reflect a wholly different perspective.


We look forward to continuing relationships and trust that we shall be the partner that


you can rely upon to deliver great service and value to your brands into the future.


We also look forward to your support and collaborative co-existence as we build the


various ramps that will bridge Nitel’s present and its future.


We have a great lived history, an amazing present and have before us a future with


a lot of exciting potentialities a number of which we are presently pursuing.


We are very good at what we do and intend to become great at this.




We are ALL IN to deliver great products and amazing services; and, yes, most


importantly to really win at this.


The world of innovation and market potentialities being what they are, we may not of


course win at everything; and while this will be as at it may, we shall put in one heck


of an effort into this nevertheless.




One thing we so look forward to is the partnership of great customers and


collaborators, a growing population of influencers and cheerleaders as well as our


unfaltering faith in our vision.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Directors present; former members of the


Board that are here present, executives, Management and members of Team Nitel,


customers, partners, other distinguished guests and members of the news media


present, it is great that you are here, that you could come, that you could celebrate


with us.


I look forward to your remaining a part of our story.


Just as words are in adequate to explain true happiness, so too are words


inadequate to explain the deep gratitude that I am presently feeling.


But in any case please indulge me when I say thank you for your attention and thank


you for your great company tonight.