More Woes For Local Businesses, Blackouts Until March

Local business community should not expect current electricity crisis to ease any time soon as authorities have revealed the situation will only improve in March next year.


Malawians have been subjected to long-hours of blackouts which have crippled the business sector currently relaying on gen-sets for operations. 


According to Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) the prolonged blackouts will end in March next year when all diesel-powered generators, expected to generate 46 megawatts (MW), will have been commissioned.


The revelation contradicts the promise made by President Peter Mutharika and his government that blackouts will be contained by end December this year.


At present, only three generators have arrived in the country and will be planted in Mzuzu to produce 6MW by end of this year.


Egenco chief executive officer William Liabunya said the remaining gensets will be commissioned by March 2018.


“So, we expect these diesel engines to be arriving in the country in January. And this 30 MW as it arrives, we expect that by end March we should have them commissioned. When we have the 30 MW commissioned, we are going to have 36 MW in total, together with the 6MW in Mzuzu,” said Liabunya.


According to Liabunya, the generator which was already installed at Kanengo is producing 6MW out of its 10 MW capacity due to operational problems.


He said the generator is being worked on and that by December 10 2017, it will start producing 10 MW.


“Come end of March, we will have 46 MW in total,” he said.


Meanwhile, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has called on Malawi to improve her status through diversification of its energy sources and enhance sustainable development in the country.