Mozambican Govt Kicks Out Malawi’s Revenue Authority And Police

Mozambican government has booted out of its territory the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and Malawi Police Service (MPS) offices.


The two countries had agreed that the MPS and MRA offices should relocate from Mozambican territory at Dedza border post by December 31, 2017. However, Malawi failed to do so.


Dedza District Commissioner (DC), Ellis Tembo told the local media that a sudden relocation of the offices happened a fortnight ago.


“As of now, [MRA] vehicles have been moved to the Malawi side from Mozambique. And the police guardroom has also moved. MRA have also found a place on the Malawi side,” said Tembo.


Tembo said the relocation comes after a meeting the two countries had in December 2017 in which issues concerning boarder boundaries were discussed.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Charles Vintulla said the ministry was only responsible for the boundary reaffirmation exercise, which it jointly carried out with its Mozambican counterpart.


Vintulla said the Dedza stretch was done over four years ago.


 “This is a customs matter, which had to be carried out by users of the facilities that are on the wrong side, only that they took time in adhering to the requirement, which was supposed to be in response to the boundary pillars reinforced,” said Vintulla.


MRA and police have been working in the area, across the border in Mozambique, since the formation of Dedza border post in Kalomwe area.