MPs Bemoan Poor Mobile Network Coverage

Members of Parliament (MPs) have echoed the far cry of consumers in the country over the failure by mobile phone service providers who are failing to reach out to remote areas.


There are disparities in terms of mobile phone network coverage as some areas across the country do not have network access.

MPs currently meeting in Lilongwe, on Tuesday queried the mobile phone network service providers for failing to improve their network coverage.

Mchinji South Parliamentarian, Divelias Zaipa was first to call for Telecom Networks (TNM) and Airtel Malawi Limited to improve on their network coverage.

Dedza West MP, Philipo Chinkhondo has since asked government to engage the network providers on roaming charges, especially around the border areas which he said was costing his constituents more than what others are paying for the same services.

Chinkhondo said in these areas, some ]]>mobile phone]]> users use the Mozambican network which attracts roaming charges, especially for Airtel subscribers.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Nicholas Dausi, told the parliamentarians that government had already engaged the mobile network providers on the same and that it was looking forward to having the challenges sorted out.

“My ministry has been engaging the network providers and we will ensure that such issues are handled,” said Dausi.

Malawi has two prominent mobile network providers in Telekom Networks Malawi and Airtel. Malawi Parliament is meeting for the 47th session in Lilongwe which is scheduled to run for six weeks.