National Bank In innovative Drive, Launches Mobile Banking App

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) has officially launched a new mobile banking platform, Mo626 Digital, to enable its customers to access their bank accounts.


The application will also allow NBM customers transact anywhere, even across borders.


NBM Head of Cards and e-banking Division, William Kaunda said through the application, customers will be able to buy airtime, check account balance, access account mini-statement, bill payments and funds transfer.


 “This application adds to Mo626 Ice, giving our customers the convenience to access their accounts from anywhere without added charges,” he said.


According to Kaunda, Mo626 Digital can run concurrently with other mobile banking products, including Mo626 Ice.


Mo626 Digital is an application-based system which can be installed on a smartphone. 


Through the application, NBM customers have a window to access Mo626 on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram and Skype among others.