Nissan Introduces Latest Xtrail

Just two months after surprising the market with its new Nissan Navara which merges the rugged strength of a bakkie with the comfort of a luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV), Nissan Malawi is back with another exciting news.


 The company is on Thursday evening 8th February, 2018 unveiling its latest Nissan Xtrail model, to live up to its billing of being an innovation that excites its customers. 


 The event will take place at the Nissan’s showroom opposite Wenela bus depot in Blantyre.  


 The Nissan X-Trail is a ]]>compact]]> ]]>crossover]]> produced by the ]]>Japanese]]> automaker ]]>Nissan]]> since 2000. Due to its length gain in its third generation, it is now considered a mid-size crossover. 


It was one of Nissan's first crossovers and was released about the same time as several other companies competing car based crossovers.