NRWB In US$26 Million Supply Expansion

Northern Region Water Board (NRWB) has been given a nod to proceed with its plans to expand water supply coverage in Karonga district.

The water utility provider wants to widen access to safe and portable water to communities in the district through a project ‘Karonga Water Supply Project’ which will start in August, 2018 beginning from Pusi  and Kapolo in the north as well as Mlare in the center.

The project will be funded to the tune of $26.7 Million by Arab Development Fund (Badea), Opec Fund for International Development and The Northern Region Water Board.

NRWB Director of Finance, Francis Munthali told local media that the project is expected to conclude in 2021.

“This is a very significant project for Karonga as it will widen the coverage of portable water through the breakdown of our water systems in the areas that the project has targeted. Our coming here was to inform members of the full council about the project,” he said.

He said with the good track record that NRWB has especially in completing projects in time, they are confident that the time scale given for the project is sufficient for the project amid huge demand for access to portable water.

“The demand to expand the water system and the breaking down of these facilities is huge as we have noted by members of full council hence we are trying our level best to identify donors to fund other areas like Nyungwe and Chilumba,” explained Munthali.

Karonga district council Chairperson Harry Mwanyembe, said the council welcomes such a significant project to the district that is set to greatly improve lives of people.

“The project is coming to the district at a right time considering the challenges that we have faced with cholera in our district which most cases emanated from use of unsafe water,” he said.