Road Traffic’s Slow Services Create Congestion

Slow services at the Road Traffic Directorate offices have resulted in long queues thereby creating congestion.


The situation has delayed majority of automobile users from migrating from the old licensing system to the new system.


Road Traffic Directorate office recently announced that it has extended the deadline for the migration of license data from the old to new Malawi Traffic Information System (Maltis) from December 2017 to January 31 2018.


A visit by The Daily Times to the Southern Region’s road traffic offices in Blantyre on Wednesday morning found long queues with some vehicles blocking part of the road.


This has been the case for the past three weeks as the large number of people seeking various services at the road traffic directorate is growing.


Some people we spoke to clearly spelt out their frustrations over slow pace of the process.


One of the people we spoke to said he had been going to the offices for three days but was yet to conclude the migration process.


“Using normal routes seems to be too involving and time consuming. But for the people that have contacts within the offices, it is done in no time,” he said.


Another, who had traveled from Lilongwe, assuming to access faster services at the Blantyre office also lamented saying the problem was common.


“I wanted not only to migrate my license to the new system but also to upgrade it from C1 to C1PG. But, no success yet. I think it all depends on the one helping you within,” he said.