Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (“the Terms”) govern your use of this BizMalawi Online [bizmalawionline.com] Website. Please kindly read this page carefully. If you do not agree with the Terms, do not waste your time on the Website. And If you use the Website, your interest shows that you agree to be bound by the Terms.


Copyright Remarks:

Please remember that the copyright in the contents of all the pages in this Website is owned by or licensed to bizmalawionline.com only.


Using BizMalawiOnline.com Website Conditions:

You can use this website in accordance with the Agreement.

We take the accuracy of its Database very grievously. If You see any material on BizMalawiOnline.com Website which:

  • violates any law, regulation, rule or applicable industry code;
  • breaches the terms of this Agreement;
  • is found inaccurate,

Please inform us as soon as possible by dropping a message via Contact us.

BizMalawiOnline.com Website receives content produced by third parties, other information collected from public sources and links to other websites (such as content and websites together, Third Party Content).

Electronic way to BizMalawiOnline.com Website by or on behalf of internet search engines is allowed.

You must not:

  • access this Website other than through the normal Website web interface;
  • access BizMalawiOnline.com Website through any electronic means (including, without interruption, through the use of webcrawlers or scripts)
  • violate the intellectual property rights of others;
  • represent or incorrectly state or mislead an affiliation with any person or organization;
  • use BizMalawiOnline.com Website or any data included on website in conjunction with any reviews, competitions, chain letters, junk email, spamming or any similar activity;
  • infringe any applicable law, regulation, rule or relevant industry code;
  • selling, resell, reproduce, duplicate, trade or use for any business purpose any portion of, use of, access to or data on BizMalawiOnline.com Website which does not form part of Your Business Profile;
  • You accept and agree that BizMalawiOnline.com retains complete editorial control in its sole discretion and without notice to You:
  • refuse, remove, delete or change any material held on BizMalawiOnline.com Website or in the Database at any time, including (without modification) any material included in any Business Listing;
  • deny, reject, remove, delete or amend any Content at any time;
  • position Content and/or any Business Profile as it sees fit;
  • We may cancel this Agreement, remove Your Business Listing or any Content posted by You and/or refuse You access to BizMalawiOnline.com Website if You have breached, or we consider that You will breach, this Agreement or for any other reason that GBD, in its sole discretion, sees fit.
  • You admit and agree that some Business Listings on BizMalawiOnline.com Website have been paid for by a business and will therefore seen before free Business Listings in the relevant search results.


Business Listing and Reviews Notes:

You can use BizMalawiOnline.com Website to add, edit, a Business Listings or a Review, entirely on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

All Content must follow:

  • be complete and correct;
  • be provided in the manner and form specified on Website;
  • not be of a nature likely to bring BizMalawiOnline.com Website into disgrace; and comply with all laws, management, rules and relevant industry codes.

You should not:

  • use BizMalawiOnline.com Website to post Content for a business that is not located in Malawi;
  • use BizMalawiOnline.com Website to add or change a Business Listing where You do not have the specific authorization of that business to do so;
  • upload, post, broadcast, publish or otherwise make available any Available Content that You do not have a freedom to make available under any law, regulation, rule or code or under contractual or other legal associations;
  • upload, post, broadcast, publish or otherwise make available any inaccurate, misleading, improper, transient, abusive, aggressive, offensive, indecent or illegal Content or Available Content;
  • violate the intellectual property rights of others; or
  • breach a law including, without interference, any law that regulates advertising of a profession.

If any of the information in the Business Listing for Your business changes, becomes out of date or no longer complies with this Agreement, You must:

  • quickly change Your Business Listing so that it complies with this Agreement; and/or
  • quickly notify bizmalawionline.com Website.

You admit and agree that by posting Content onto BizMalawiOnline.com Website You agree to being communicated (on an ongoing basis) via any of the contact details included in that Content, including (without interference) where such contact includes receiving information about products or services which we think may interest You from BizMalawiOnline.com Website.


Intellectual Property Rights

You admit and agree that all intellectual property rights included in or relating to BizMalawiOnline.com Website and the Database belong to a directory or our licensors, and that nothing in this Agreement creates a transfer of any intellectual property rights.

  • You can download and see content and/or print a copy of the material on BizMalawiOnline.com Website for Your own use only, provided You do not:
  • change the content (including, without interference, any copyright notice) in any way;
  • make the content public; or
  • use the content in a way or for a purpose prohibited by this Agreement.

You should not do anything which breaches or otherwise conflicts with Website’s intellectual property rights. Except as expressly allowed by this Agreement or by law, You may not print any content appearing on BizMalawiOnline.com Website without our written consent and, if needed, payment of a specified fee. Appeals to reproduce any content may be made through the Contact Us Page.

We may distribute and disclose to the public any Content. By posting Content onto bizmalawionline.com Website, You give us a permanent, royalty-free, non-exclusive, inevitable, worldwide and transferable licence to:

  • reproduce, alter, add to, use, copy, publish, communicate and change the Content for any purpose and in any way anywhere in the world, including (without restriction) on BizMalawiOnline.com Website and as a portion of the Database;

For the avoidance of disbelief, You admit and agree that:

  • the Licence includes a right for us to make the Content accessible to the public via any website or being part of services or products in any jurisdiction;
  • we will provide BizMalawiOnline.com Website users to search Content You have posted;
  • You will do everything needed (including without interference, on an application, fulfilling of any documents) to give Website the full advantage of the licences, disclaimers and permissions.
  • The Licence will remain any termination of this Agreement.
  • Your use of some Third Party Content (including, without restriction, third party websites linked to BizMalawiOnline.com Website) may be subject to a third party’s terms and conditions of usage. Nothing in this Agreement (or unless on BizMalawiOnline.com Website) establishes a licence or right for Yourself to use the content.


You approve (and must secure that any relevant third party consents) to the use of any personal data collected in association to You (including, without interference, any personal data contained in Content) in accordance with the bizmalawionline.com Website Privacy Policy. If You enter any personal details about any person in any Content, You need to:

  • provide that person with a copy of the BizMalawiOnline.com Website Privacy Policy prior to granting us with that personal details;
  • where possible, have that person give us with that personal information directly.



You represent and explain to BizMalawiOnline.com that:

  • You are completely allowed to publish and to authorise BizMalawiOnline.com to publish all Content (including, without interference, having full authorization from any business whose Business Profile You add, change or update);
  • publication of Available Content in accordance with this Agreement will not, at any time, violate any intellectual property right, moral right or any right of confidence or another right of any person;
  • You have the capability to grant the Licence;
  • all Available Content will, at all times, comply with all appropriate laws, regulations and relevant industry codes;
  • all products and services displayed in Available Content will match the advertised description, and be accessible in the manner, at the price and for the time period displayed;
  • the Available Content does not, and will not at any time, violate any intellectual property right, moral right or any right of confidence or another right of any person;

You have obtained the approval of all individuals whose personal information is introduced in the Content to:

  • the use and acknowledgment of that personal information in accordance with the BizMalawiOnline.com Website Privacy Policy;
  • all Available Content will be current and reliable, and will not misrepresent or mislead end users of BizMalawiOnline.com
  • each website served by any URL shown or embedded in the Business Listing for Your business:
  • is managed and run by Your business or its independent contractor;
  • will be useful and available at all times; and
  • is proper in all respects, including (without restriction) subject matter, to be linked to BizMalawiOnline.com Website.



Your use of BizMalawiOnline.com Website (including, without interference, all material collected from or linked to BizMalawiOnline.com Website) is at Your individual risk.

Nothing on BizMalawiOnline.com Website constitutes the offering any kind of financial or other guidance. You should obtain qualified expert opinion before proceeding on the basis of any information on BizMalawiOnline.com Website.

You herewith reimburse and hold harmless BizMalawiOnline.com and its representatives from and against any obligation, loss, damage, costs and expense (including, without interference, legal expenses on a full reimbursement basis) and penalties caught or suffered by any of them appearing out of:

  • Your violation of this Agreement, including (without limitation) a warranty;
  • any act of cheating or willful wrongdoing by or on behalf of You; and
  • the disclosure or use of, or any act or breach in relation to, the Available Content including, without limitation, claims brought by any third party linking to libel, negligent misstatement, dangerous misrepresentation, contempt of court, rights of publicity and/or privacy, copyright infringement, trademark violation, other intellectual property violation, passing off, misleading or dishonest behavior and any failure to comply with or perform any representations, warranties or agreements.


General Instructions

We may give notices by email, mail or by posting content on BizMalawiOnline.com Website.

You must thoroughly read and agree to this Agreement each time You use MalawiYP.com Website.


Use Policy

BizMalawiOnline.com Website is in line with [PayPal’s – please change if any] acceptable use policy.



Here in this Agreement:

Content involves all content posted by You onto BizMalawiOnline.com Website including all graphics, icons, texts, photographs, URLs and Reviews.

Available Content means all Content and all related content on sites to which URLs included in Your Content are linked.

Business Listing involves a business profile in the Database. A Business Profile may include data about the profiled business, for example, contact details.

Database determines the national database of Business Profiles which is obtained by Website and made convenient to the public via the online business directory on BizMalawiOnline.com.

The review involves a survey or other comment which You append to BizMalawiOnline.com Website in association to any Business Profile or associated services and products.

Feel free to write us at contact us for any questions, suggestions, feedback or any concerns regarding these terms.